Let’s have several lives…



What about the commun 40 years old depression, it happens mostly because these people had only one life to experiment and they realize at a certain point that they miss something.

The educational system is wrong to put in our mind that at the age of 18, we have to plan a life, to study to get a diploma, find a job, get married, have kids and it makes you believe the happiness will arise like magic.

Some people are really happy about their reality because they didn’t experiment others…..You can compare this to elephant born in captivity, they are happy about their life, their slave conditions because its the only experiment they did in life but an elephant capture in the forest will never be happy in the slave conditions because he experiments another reality, he experiments freedom.

We are slaves of a reality, slaves of some conditions we create!

Slaves of a “life” and this life play with us….

it should be the opposite we should play with life…

Imagine you have your perfect job, your perfect wedding and your perfect children at the moment you lose them, you re losing your reality and become lifeless, depressed and miserable…

Instead of getting stuck, break the condition pattern, experiment different reality, put yourself in other conditions, quit your confort zone, play with life !!! Its the only way to find yourself and to get the strength to move on whatever happens instead of being stuck and a slave of the conditions….

In the new age philosophy we are all one, the thing i understand the most of this is the fact that i m no-one, i could be born in any family in the world, i could live in totally different conditions and for sure it will make me a totally different person, i could be jude, i could e muslim, i could be anything that in one point of my life i could have hate  …….so many examples that we are slaves of our conditions.

Intelligence is to break up with what you know!

It takes a lot of courage but lets try for a year…… change life, stop social media ,just stop speaking with your friends, stop doing what you do instead do new stuff, change country learn a new language!!!!will you be the same as you thought?

we could be and live any reality…..so lets Danse with reality!!!we are not meant to be this job, this religion, this reality, this taste, this vision of life, we just have first to realise we have no idea who we are ….and challenge ourself to discover it

get out of the conditions of the confort zone and fall deep into the unknown!!!!

its gonna be my experiment in the next 2 years, Unknow…

I have to do this because i realise the most important thing in life in my point of view is to leave this life without expectations and regrets …..so let’s live!!!!